Watching your aging pet decline in health is never easy. As your animal companion faces deterioration or a loss in quality of life, we are here to support and guide you. We will assist you in making a plan addressing such issues as pain management, alternative therapies, diet, exercise, and environmental modifications for aging, ill, or suffering pets. Together, we will make decisions regarding types and lengths of treatment for your pet to preserve your pet’s comfort and dignity.

Deciding to euthanize a pet is an agonizing process. You will likely experience a wide range of complicated emotions as the time comes. There is great fear in not knowing what will occur on the day of the euthanization. Discuss this with the veterinarians, and ask questions. We are very familiar with the experience and are able to talk with you about the process and feelings that go with it. If the decision is made to euthanize, we offer a quiet space for your pet and you. Our services include taking care of the remains as you desire.

In addition, Alpine Veterinary Care provides support for you in dealing with loss and grief. Visit our Links page to access recommended links.